Devon Garbus

Rebuild. Rethink. Re-Own

Welcome to your Affinity Benefits program.

It’s time for you to enjoy home ownership again! Thanks to the Affinity program it has never been easier for you, your coworks, and employees to have access to real estate professionals to help you buy and sell a home at a discount!


Your Benefits include:

  • 10% Cash back from your buyer’s agent’s commissions!
  • 10% OFF listing commissions when selling your home
  • A Free home warranty from our preferred mortgage lender
  • Lowest possible title fees from our preferred title company
  • Can’t qualify for a mortgage? NO PROBLEM! Our Exclusive Lease to Own program allows us to help you purchase a home even if you can’t qualify for a mortgage, SHORT SALE on your record? NO PROBLEM.
  • Free advice from legal and financial professionals. When times are hard, come to us to help you find your way out of trouble. 
  • MORE!

Simply contact me today for more information. Not sure if your company is set up for Affinity yet? Ask me how to get you enrolled, there is NO COST to your employer for providing you with these benefits.